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About AEROS® Inc.

Customer Objective

AEROS objective is helping you maximize your manufacturing processes utilizing the most efficient methods for bearing removal, installation, and proof load testing. This is achieved by supplying your operation the finest machine and hand tools, providing FAA Certified* training to your staff, and offering direct consulting services to improve your production processes.


AEROS is all about aviation bearing maintenance — it is all we do! AEROS is an authorized distributor of Rexnord/Shafer tools for installation and removal of bearings from aircraft structures, and is a Master Distributor of ProofMaster® bearing proof load test equipment. Custom tools for installing and removing bearings can be designed and fabricated to your specifications. AEROS holds the only FAA Certification* to train on aircraft bearing removal, installation and proof load testing As the only holder of this FAA course certification in aviation bearing maintenance, AEROS provides an exclusive benefit to clients. Another unique benefit is the ownership of a world-class aviation technical library acquired over three decades.

*The training course FAA identification number is C/Industry/MI/08/06/12/001/08

Dan A. Haugh

Dan Haugh

The founder and principal of AEROS® Inc. is Dan Haugh. After completing a double major Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from the University of Kansas, Dan pursued a career in the aerospace industry with Boeing and Jamaica Bearings. The contacts and projects provided a basis for the real-world experience of life in the aviation industry. The decision to specialize in aviation bearing maintenance took root in 1986 with the founding of AEROS® Inc. Dan’s decades of aviation bearing experience offer exceptional insights into bearing intricacy that many aspire to but few achieve. Bearing modification and customization for special circumstances have been an attraction of AEROS for decades. The highly-demanded AEROS FAA Certified Bearing Training that Dan leads has provided a great advantage for AEROS’ clients. Dan supplements his extensive experience with continuing education.

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